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June 2020

Commentary: Founders Didn’t Invent Slavery, They Helped End It

Qualified Immunity and Police Unionization

Commentary: Final Push for GWSA (June, 2020)

Commentary: Vermont Better Become Business Friendly ASAP (June, 2020)

Commentary: After Covid-19, How Much Government? (June, 2020)

May 2020

Commentary: Help Our Small Businesses Weather the Storm (May, 2020)

Commentary: The Future of Vermont’s State Colleges

Commentary: Recovery Moving Forward (May, 2020)

April 2020

Commentary: Voting By Mail Needs to Be More Secure (April, 2020)

The Return of Reactionary Liberalism – May 2009

Emergency Deregulation and Mutual Aid

March 2020

Commentary: Lessons from the Great Depression (March, 2020)

Commentary: Coronavirus Pandemic Lessons (March, 2020)

Commentary: The Legislature’s Unhealthy Obsession with Greenhouse Gas Emissions (March, 2020)

February 2020

Commentary: Act 250 and the Perfect Climate Conscious State (February, 2020)

January 2020

Commentary: The Worst Democracy-Shredding Bill in Fifty Years (February, 2020)

Commentary: With TCI Imploding, A Worse Bill Is on the Horizon (January, 2020)

Commentary: Singapore: A Useful Health Care Model (January, 2020)

December 2019

Commentary: How Will Vermonters Afford This Agenda? (December, 2019)

Help Us Make a Difference in 2020!

Commentary: Yes, We Do Need to Focus on Our Business Climate (November, 2019)

November 2019

Commentary: Achieving Net-Zero CO2 Emissions by 2050 (November, 2019)

October 2019

Commentary: Carbon Tax Back As a Top Issue for 2020 (November, 2019)

Commentary: California’s Lessons for Vermont (October, 2019)

Commentary: Rethink Health Care and Health Insurance (October, 2019)

September 2019

Commentary: Climate Activist Hypocrisies Exposed (September, 2019)

Commentary: Education or indoctrination? (September, 2019)

Commentary: Get Ready for Climate Strike Disruption (September, 2019)

August 2019

Commentary: Two Prominent Young People Leave Vermont (August, 2019)

Commentary: A Renewed Attack on the First Amendment (August, 2019)

Commentary: Futile Gun Control Schemes Back Again (August, 2019)

July 2019

Commentary: Bernie’s Teachable Moment on the $15 Minimum Wage (July, 2019)

Commentary: Lake Cleanup’s Skewed Spending Priorities (July, 2019)

Commentary: The Threat of Government Emergencies to Liberty (July, 2019)

Commentary: The EV Subsidy Train Picks Up Speed (July, 2019)

June 2019

Commentary: 40 Days of Futility on VT Health Connect (June, 2019)

Guest Commentary: What Happened to Rule of Law?

Commentary: The Authoritarian/Totalitarian Plastic Bag Ban (June, 2019)

Commentary: A New Front in the Endless Battle Against Climate Change (June, 2019)

May 2019

Commentary: A Legislative Wrap-Up for 2019 (May, 2019)

Commentary: Politicizing Our Kids and Rising Suicide Rates (May, 2019)

Commentary: Public Policy Informed by Science, Not Nixonesque Fear Mongering (May, 2019)

Commentary: Sneaking In the Seat Belt Mandate (May, 2019)

April 2019

Commentary: Will Mandating a $15/Hour Wage Benefit Vermont? (April, 2019)

Commentary: Our Seriously Unserious Legislature (April, 2019)

Commentary: From Heating Fuel Tax to a Green Police State (April, 2019)

Commentary: The Latest Big Idea: Taxing Heating Fuels (April, 2019)

Commentary: A Lot of Little (and Some Big) Taxes Add Up (April, 2019)

March 2019

Scrapping the Health Insurance Penalty Tax (March, 2019)

Commentary: The Disappearing Reappearing Carbon Tax (March, 2019)

Guest Commentary: Guess What? Vermont Has a Negative Net Worth!

Commentary: Progressive Policies Are Hurting Middle Class, Rural Vermonters (March, 2019)

Commentary: Single-Member Districts Will Strengthen Democracy (March, 2019)

February 2019

Commentary: What the Decarbonization Study Found (February, 2019)

Commentary: Stamping Out Carbon Dioxide Emissions (February, 2019)

January 2019

Commentary: Paid Family Leave Proposal Shows Why Vermont is Unaffordable (January, 2019)

Commentary: The Coming Report on Expanding Act 250 (January, 2019)

Here Comes the Carbon Tax Again

December 2018

Commentary: Absentee Ballots Undermine the Secret Ballot – And Election Integrity (December, 2018)

Commentary: A Sensible Agenda for Vermont Democrats (December, 2018)

Commentary: That Really Scary Climate Report (December, 2018)

November 2018

Commentary: Refocusing on Vermont After the National Election (November, 2018)

Commentary: Legislative Preview for 2019 (November, 2018)

October 2018

Commentary: Will Credit Rating Downgrade Spark Pension Reform?(October, 2018)

Commentary: ESSEX Carbon Tax Carnage (October, 2018)

Commentary: The Big Hammer to Force Everyone to Buy Health Insurance (October, 2018)

Commentary: Economic Freedom of the World 2018 (October, 2018)

Commentary: Unions vs. Teachers: Thoughts After Janus (September, 2018)

September 2018

Commentary: The School Consolidation Big Hammer (September, 2018)

August 2018

Commentary: The Media is not “The Press” (August, 2018)

Commentary: The Perfect Little Climate Conscious State (August, 2018)

Commentary: The Fuel Economy Mandate Battle (August, 2018)

Commentary: If You’re Worried About Russian Hackers, Tighten Election Laws (July, 2018)

July 2018

Commentary: Overcharged for Health Care (July, 2018)

Drawing Straws: VPIRG is Gambling Away Disabled VTers Independence

Commentary: A Course Change for Public Sector Unions (July, 2018)

Commentary: The Great Tax and Spending Deadlock Ends (July, 2018)

Commentary: $10,000 Bribe Undercuts Vermont’s Brand (June, 2018)

June 2018

Poor No More: Work First (June, 2018)

Community Rating

Illegal Immigrant Crime

Your Taxes, Game Theory and the Shutdown

Commentary: The School Property Tax Deadlock (June, 2018)

May 2018

Commentary: Vetoing the $15 Minimum Wage Was a Good Thing (May, 2018)

The Governor and Leadership Are Both Right

Commentary: Vermont’s Electric Vehicle Future (May, 2018)

Commentary: Rolling Blackouts for New England? (May, 2018)

Commentary: The Real Drug Price Problem (May, 2018)

April 2018

Commentary: The Annual Education Finance End Game (April, 2018)

Commentary: Reducing Future School Shootings

March 2018

Commentary: Illegal Votes in Victory Raise Statewide Questions

Commentary: A Better Model for Primary Care

Commentary: Struggling to Feed and Discipline the “System”

Commentary:  ESSEX Carbon Tax Robs Poor to Pay Rich

February 2018

Commentary: What the ESSEX Carbon Tax Would Do for Vermont

Commentary: The Steady Erosion of Liberty (February, 2018)

January 2018

Commentary:  To Turn Around, You Have to Change Direction (January, 2018)

Commentary: Gov. Scott’s Budget Plan (January, 2018)

Commentary: A State Health Insurance Purchase Mandate? (January, 2018)

The Difficult Legislative Agenda of 2018 (January, 2018)

December 2017

Commentary: Time For Congress To End “Dues Skimming” (December, 2017)

Commentary: VPIRG’s New Appliance Prohibition Plan (December, 2017)

November 2017

A $15 Minimum Wage Would Be Disastrous (December, 2017)

Commentary: A Global Renewable Energy Power Play (November, 2017)

Commentary: Tax Reform and Fiscal Responsibility (November, 2017)

October 2017

Commentary: Repeal Vermont’s CON Laws (November, 2017)

Commentary: Suter Misjudges the Impact of a $15 Minimum Wage

Commentary: Putting the Brakes on “Sue and Settle” (October, 2017)

Commentary: The next solar bailout (October, 2017)

Commentary: Are Public Schools The Best Option For Low Income Students? (October, 2017)

September 2017

Commentary: Boards Need to Stand Up To Striking Teachers

Commentary: The Climate Action Commission Goes A-Listening (September, 2017)

Commentary: American Politics Gone Insane (September, 2017)

August 2017

Vermont’s Greenhouse Gas Mandate: Costly, Symbolic Environmentalism

Commentary: So, Second Homeowners Can Vote In Vermont (September, 2017)

Commentary: Martyrs to the Clean Water Act (August, 2017)

Commentary: The Partisan Battle over ObamaCare (August, 2017)

Commentary: Scott’s Climate Action Commission (August, 2017)

July 2017

Commentary: Allowing Illegal Votes Is Voter Suppression (July, 2017)

Commentary: Freedom and Community Revisited (July, 2017)

June 2017

Commentary: Governor and Legislature Agree on Tax Increase – Next Year (June, 2017)

Commentary: Climate Resolution Is A Farce Upon A Farce (June, 2017)

Commentary: The Push for National Single Payer Healthcare (June, 2017)

May 2017

Commentary: Scott’s Second Act Will Be Much Harder (May, 2017)

Commentary: Seizing the Teacher Health Insurance Opportunity (May,2017)

Commentary: Four Very Serious but Widely Ignored Threats (May, 2017)

April 2017

Commentary: If Science Is the Standard… (April, 2017)

Commentary: Four New Bills to Levy a CarbonTax (April, 2017)

March 2017

Commentary: Examining Equity In Our Public Schools

Commentary: The Benefits of “Grotesque Inequality” (March, 2017)

Commentary: The Carbon Tax Game Plan for 2017 (March, 2017)

February 2017

Commentary: Universal Pre-K Is A Problem, Not a Solution (February, 2017)

Commentary: The Lake Champlain Phosphorus Crisis (February, 2017)

January 2017

Commentary: Every Student Deserves The Opportunity I Had (January, 2017)

Commentary: Where Gov. Scott’s Education Transformation Leads (January, 2017)

Commentary: Health Care Reform: What to Expect (Jan, 2017)

Commentary: First Steps Toward 700,000 Vermonters (December, 2017)

Commentary: Hard Spending Choices for FY 2018 (Jan, 2017)

December 2016

Commentary: Men Without Work (Dec, 2017)

Commentary: Phil Scott’s Challenge (Dec, 2017)

November 2016

Commentary: ObamaCare’s Year of Reckoning (November, 2016)

October 2016

Commentary: Carbon Tax Will Hurt Towns, Schools, and Property Taxpayers (October, 2016)

Commentary: Defend Our Independent Schools (October, 2016)

Yes, The Plan Is To Pass A Carbon Tax in 2017 (October, 2017)

Commentary: All Payer and the One Big Provider (October, 2016)

September 2016

Commentary: Carbon Tax Would Kill Jobs (September, 2016)

Commentary: Sue Minter Wants to Expand the Sales Tax to Services (September, 2016)

Commentary – Questions for Candidates 2016 (September, 2016)

August 2016

Commentary – The Invisible Carbon Tax Alternative (August, 2016)

Commentary – Fossil Fuel Divestment Loses at Ballot Box
 (September, 2016)

Commentary: Economic and Personal Freedom in Vermont (August, 2016)

Commentary: The Intimidation Game (August, 2016)

Commentary: Potential Tax Increases Coming After the Election (July, 2016)

July 2016

Commentary: Two Thirds of Vermonters Want a Carbon Tax? (July, 2016)

Commentary: Gun Control Ideas that Won’t Work (July 2016)

Commentary: Big Rewards for Thinking Inside the Box

June 2016

Commentary: Time to Sue Climate Alarmists? (July, 2016)

Commentary: Good Profit (June, 2016)

Commentary: Making Sense of the Climate Change Battle (June, 2016)

May 2016

Commentary: Public Schools Are Failing Disadvantaged Kids (June, 2016)

Commentary: Why a Carbon Tax Won’t Fly In Vermont

Commentary: The 2016 Legislature: A Post-Mortem (May, 2016)

Commentary: Public Power: Another Costly Big Government Headache? (May, 2016)

April 2016

Commentary: A Potentially HUGE Bill for Property Taxpayers on the Horizon (April, 2016)

Commentary: Legislature Shouldn’t Blow Chance to Help Our Economy

Commentary: Sorrell’s Partisan War Against “Climate Fraud”

Commentary: Spending and Taxes Roll On (April, 2016)

March 2016

This Family’s Story Is Why School Choice MUST BE A RIGHT

Commentary: Vermonters Deserve a Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights

Commentary: Reviving Grassroots Democracy (March, 2016)

Commentary: Who’s To Blame for Flint? (March, 2016)

February 2016

Commentary: Act 46’s Trojan Horse (February, 2016)

Commentary: Rescue School Choice Now! (February, 2016)

Divestment of fossil fuel stocks is bad policy 

Commentary: Shumlin’s Doctors-And-Dentists Tax (February, 2016)

January 2016

Commentary: Act 46: Fix It All, or Repeal It All

Commentary: Make Big Wind Pay Its Own Way (January, 2016)

Commentary: Abandoning Low Cost Hydro for Costly Renewables

Commentary: The Perils of Dr. Dynasaur 2.0 (January, 2016)

December 2015

Commentary – Vermont’s Shaky State Government (December, 2015)

Commentary: Bernie’s Democratic Socialism (December, 2015)

November 2015

Commentary: Telling the Truth About Vermont’s Energy Policy (November, 2015)

Commentary: Freedom as the School District Solution (November, 2015)

Commentary: Here Comes the Carbon Tax (November, 2015)

October 2015

Commentary: Tuitioning Towns Do Not Need To Give Up Choice In Mergers (October, 2015)

Commentary: “Blindsided” Legislators Should Fix Act 46 (October, 2015)

Commentary: Reining in WOTUS (October, 2015)

Commentary: The Folly of More Gun Controls (October, 2015)

September 2015

Commentary: Paid sick leave a cynical issue for 2016 (September, 2015)

Commentary: Vermont Yankee Closes: The Consequences Were 100% Predictable (September, 2015)

Commentary: Vermont’s Coming All Payer “Reform” (October, 2015)

Commentary: Restraining Executive Power (September, 2015)

August 2015

Commentary: School Governance Mega-Muddle (August, 2015)

Commentary: In Age of Uber, “Right to Work” Makes More Sense Than Ever (September, 2015)

Commentary: A Skeptic’s View of Health Care “Reformers”

Commentary: Repeal the Ethanol Mandate (August, 2015)

Commentary: Another Wrong-Headed Energy Plan (July, 2015)

July 2015

Commentary: Repeal Vermont’s Certificate of Needs Laws (July, 2015)

Commentary: Vermont Energy Plan is Basically Unworkable (July, 2015)

Commentary: Biblical and Socialist Morality (July, 2015)

Commentary: The Local Economy Solution (July, 2015)

June 2015

Commentary: Study Will Provide Cover for Higher Property Taxes (July, 2015)

Commentary: Protecting Our Private Spaces (June, 2015)

Commentary: Amtrak – A Runaway Train

May 2015

Commentary: All Payer Waiver Puts Medicare in Crosshairs

Commentary: The Governor’s “Productive” Legislative Session (May, 2015)

Commentary: Bernie Begs the Question… (May, 2015)

Commentary: Vermont’s Galloping Gertie (May, 2015)

Commentary: Montpelier Tax Spree Is Inexcusable (May, 2015)

April 2015

Commentary – The Latest Big Idea in Montpelier: Taxing Services (April, 2015)

Commentary: Time to Take Climate Change Debate to Next Level (April, 2015)

Commentary: The Legislature’s Final Four (April, 2015)

Commentary: Forced Consolidation vs. Going Independent (April, 2015)

March 2015

Commentary: Time for Facts About Vermont Health Connect (March, 2015)

Commentary: Disappointing Budget with a Silver Lining (March, 2015)

Commentary: Tax Raising Mania Sweeps Montpelier (March, 2105)

February 2015

Commentary: Reality Check for the Do-Everything State (February, 2015)

Commentary: School Choice Even Improves the Value of Your Home (February, 2015)

Commentary: Legislature Moving to Increase Electric Rates (February, 2015)

Commentary: School Choice – and Lower Property Taxes (February, 2015)

January 2015

Commentary: Vermont’s Renewable Energy Policy Worse Than Worthless (January, 2015)

Commentary: Why Electricity Costs Spiked

Commentary – Shumlin’s Budget Address:  More Centralized Government (January, 2014)

Commentary: A Better New Path To Health Care Reform (January, 2015)

December 2014

EAI Board Member Wendy Wilton Nailed Single Payer Costs/Problems – For Free – in 2011

Commentary: Are You Ready for the Carbon Tax? (December, 2014)

Commentary: Universal School Choice is the Answer to Property Tax Crisis (December, 2015)

Commentary: Dubious Remedies for Restraining Education Costs (December, 2014)

Let’s Build On Our Victories in 2015. Renew Your Support for EAI!

November 2014

Commentary: The Ripple Effects from Losing Vermont Yankee (November, 2014)

Commentary: The Coming Administrative State (November, 2014)

Commentary: Gruber Has No Credibility to Vet Single Payer Funding Plan (November 2014)

Why Jonathan Gruber Must Be Fired: Vermonters Deserve An Honest “Calculator”

Commentary: Four Proposals to Improve Elections (November, 2014)

October 2014

Commentary: Why Electric Rates Are Rising (October, 2014)

Commentary: Medicare’s Future in Vermont: What Does Single Payer Intend? (October, 2014)

Commentary: Vermont’s Fiscal Future – Cloudy at Best (October, 2014)

Commentary: Health Care Mutual Aid (October 2014)

Commentary: Will This Be Our Last Free Election? (October, 2014)

September 2014

Commentary: Facing the School Property Tax Monster (September 2014)

Commentary: “Your Doctor”… or “Their Doctor”? (September 2014)

August 2014

Commentary: Poll Shows Vermonters Support Right to Work – For Good Reason (August 2014)

Commentary: End Life Support for Big Wind (August 2013)

Commentary: “Drafting Error” May Wreck Obamacare (August, 2014)

July 2014

Commentary: Dirty Harry’s Lesson for the Legislature – And Us (July 2014)

Commentary: School Consolidation, Charters, and Choice (July 2014)

McClaughry in NRO Online – The First Single-Payer Domino

Commentary: Supreme Court Reins in Bureaucrats, Unions and a President (June, 2014)

Commentary: A New Chapter in Crony Capitalism (June 2014)

2013-14 Legislator Roll Call Profiles

June 2014

Commentary: Does Montpelier Have Its Priorities Straight?

Commentary: Carbon Dioxide and the Upper Valley

Commentary: Three Single Payer Health Care Systems (June, 2014)

Commentary: VA Scandal Raises Red Flags for Single Payer (June, 2014)

May 2014

Commentary: Forgiving Ancient Environmental Injuries

Commentary: Banner Year for the Liberal Legislature (May 2014)

Commentary: Vermont Should Be in Pictures (May, 2014)

April 2014

Commentary: The Latest Shumlin “Economic Progress” Idea (April, 2014)

Commentary: When Imagination Fails, Raise School Property Taxes!

March 2014

Commentary: Small Vermont Farms in EPA’s Crosshairs (March, 2014)

Commentary: Robbing the Poor to Give to the Powerful (March, 2014)

Commentary: The Obama-Shumlin Job Shrinkage Plan (March, 2014)

Commentary: The Latest Attack on Independent Schools (March, 2014)

Commentary: Coming Soon – One Big School System? (March, 2014)

Commentary: Vermont needs a better plan for job creation (February, 2014)

February 2014

Commentary: Article 16: The Wise Decision of 1777 (February, 2014)

Commentary: Accountability the Key to VT’s Substance Abuse Problem (Feb. 2014)

January 2014

Commentary: Irreconcilable Differences in Single Payer Promises (December, 2013)

Commentary: The Time of Testing for Independent Schools (January 2014)

Commentary: Vermont’s New Energy Gosplan (January 2014)

December 2013

Commentary: The Single Payer Healthcare Cost Nobody’s Talking About (December 2013)

Commentary: Economic Freedom in North America (December 2013)

Commentary: The Long Tortuous Path to the Single-Payer Payroll Tax (December 2013)

EAI Releases 2013 “Roll Call Profiles” for all 180 Vermont Legislators

November 2013

Commentary: Progressive Policies Are Creating a Permanent Underclass (December, 2013)

Book Review: Local Dollars, Local Sense

Commentary: Yankee’s Closing Will Hurt Vermont (November, 2013)

Commentary: Paying $2 billion for “health care reform” (November, 2013)

Commentary: School District Consolidation: The Supreme Managed Benefit State (November, 2013)

October 2013

Commentary: Tax Reform 1, Bigger Government 0

Commentary: The Vermont Exchange Train Wreck (October, 2013)

Commentary: The Latest Climate Change Embarrassment (October, 2013)

Commentary: A Premium and a Tax Are Not the Same Thing (October, 2013)

September 2013

Book Review: David Stockman’s Great Deformation (October, 2013)

Commentary: When Location Rules the Grid

Commentary: The GMO Debate in Vermont (October, 2013)

Commentary: Our Libertarian Moment (September, 2013)

Commentary: Shumlin’s Peculiar Collection of “Facts” (September, 2013)

August 2013

Commentary: Gov. Shumlin’s Unlikely Olive Branch to Entergy (August, 2013)

Commentary: Freedom, Unity, and Organic Food (August, 2013)

Commentary: Vermont’s Welfare Cornucopia (August, 2013)

Commentary: Minimum wage harms young job seekers

Commentary: Obamacare’s Grim Future

July 2013

Commentary: Health Care Reform with a Price Tag that Won’t Make You Sick

Commentary: Vermont’s Goal for Renewable Energy is Wishful –and Damaging — Thinking

Commentary: Get Congress out of student loans!

Commentary: Nuclear Power for the Anti-Nuclear Set

Commentary: The Northeast Kingdom Growth Surge (July, 2013)

Lessons from the Mountain School at Winhall

June 2013

Commentary: Free Markets are necessary for a strong future

Commentary: Most Likely to Secede (June, 2013)

Commentary: Gut Check on “Climate Change”

Commentary: Aren’t we all a little bit Jeremy Dodge?

May 2013

Commentary: Health Insurance CO-OP Flops

Commentary: Post Hoc Ergo Proctor Hoc – What’s past is prologue with gun rights

Commentary: Should the Legislature Get Access to our Personal and Business Tax Returns?

Commentary: The Continual Tax Raising Mania (May 12, 2013)

April 2013

Commentary: Health Care Financing Slides Toward Chaos

Commentary: The “90 Percent” Solution

Commentary & Video: Montpelier struggles to decide who our kids belong to

Commentary: Renewable Subsidies for the Rich (May 2013)

Thomas Jefferson’s Legacy to America’s Youth of Today

Commentary: Health Care Totalitarianism in Vermont

March 2013

Commentary: Eleven Things to Know about “Health Care Reform”

Independent contractors must maintain independence

The Sudden New Assault on Independent Schools

February 2013

Lawyers Can’t Rescue a Weak Case

Shumlin’s Universal Preschool Fantasy

Keeping young graduates in Vermont

Wilton vs. UMass: Green Mountain Care Tax a Big Gamble for VT

Gov. Shumlin’s Peculiar Taxing Priorities

The President’s New Gun Violence Agenda

January 2013

What to Expect from the 2013 Legislature

September 2012

Protecting Our Constitutions

May 2011

The Legislators Who Gave Us the Path to Single Payer Health Care

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Roll Call! Senate Passes Revised Global Warming Solutions Act (23-5), 2020

H.688 – AN ACT RELATING TO ADDRESSING CLIMATE CHANGE PASSEDin the State Senateon June 26, 2020, by a vote of23-5 Purpose: The Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) mandates...