“The Cloud Mystery.” Explaining why the sun and stars control the climate — and we don’t.

Climate change is not driven by human generated CO2. It’s driven by the sun (solar activity), cosmic rays, and their influence on cloud formation. This is the under-reported story of Henrik Svensmark’s theory and research into the real reasons the earth warms and cools.

Presented here is The Cloud Mystery, a one-hour documentary (in six, ten minute segments for YouTube) that explains Svenmark’s theory in easily understandable terms, and illustrates the wall of opposition he’s had to deal with in from the manmade global warming lobby.

In a nutshell, Svenmark demonstrates that when the magnetic activity of the sun is greater, fewer cosmic rays spray the Earth, which results in fewer clouds and a warmer planet. It just so happens that the magnetic field coming out of the sun has more than doubled in the past hundred years.

A related theory holds that, if Svenmark is right, cosmic rays not generated by the sun but rather from other parts of the galaxy will also have an effect on earth’s climate. Again, the research shows that when the Earth passes through a spiral arm of the Milky Way, more cosmic rays bombard the earth and temperatures drop. When we are outside a spiral arm, the Earth, there are fewer cosmic rays and the earth warms.

Nir Shaviv, of the Astrofysiker Hebrew University explains, “During most of earth’s history, we did not have any ice caps whatsoever. 450 million years ago we had very cold conditions here on earth, however, we had more than ten times as much CO2 in the atmosphere. So, clearly CO2 is not a major climate driver. At least it wasn’t a major climate driver then.”

PART 1Svenmark Video






Note: The first two minutes or so are predominantly in another language with English subtitles, but this temporary. The documentary is in English.

Go to “The Cloud Mystery” homepage, for more information and some great links to research and questions about Svenmark’s theory.

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