National Geographic dreams

April 1, 2020

by John McClaughry

National Geographic magazine, justly famous for taking its readers to every part of the globe with spectacular photography, has long been an ardent promoter of the climate change mantra. Its April issue offers this optimistic paean to bucolic urban life, if we would only rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, by which for $100 billion dollars a year carbon dioxide generating third world countries promise the donors that they’ll reduce their emissions at the expense of their economies.

Here’s how things work out on that happy 100th anniversary of Earth Day, in 2070:

“The first thing [the writer’s 60 year old daughter] notices when she wakes up in her city apartment in 2070 is the birdsong. It’s easy to hear because there’s no traffic noise. She flips on her light, powered by solar shingles that cover nearly every roof in the city. Her building is itself made of ‘drawdown blocks’ made from carbon captured from the atmosphere. She hops on a zero emissions train that automatically pauses for two minutes because cameras down the line detect a family of foxes approaching the tracks. The sky is bright blue, undimmed by smog, albeit a little hotter than in 1970. In the distance she can see elegant windmills spinning.”

But wait a minute. Out of what, and by what gnomes, are the train and the shingles and the carbon  blocks and the elegant windmills spinning 35 percent of the time produced? Never mind.

John McClaughry is vice-president of the Ethan Allen Institute

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Gavin Greenewalt April 3, 2020 at 1:38 am

if VT had not been splashing out on Whirligigs and Sparky Billboard just think of the money that would have been sloshing around.


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