I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit

Our friends at the Competitive Enterprise Institute have put together a great video twist on the famous. free market essay, “I, Pencil” by Leonard Read. This new video is titled “I, Whiskey,” and gives a great overview of how liberty is at the root of innovation, cooperation, diversity, and progress. And, it’s about whiskey. So, awesome….

I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit

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Inspired by whiskey’s rich history and tradition, I, Whiskey: The Human Spirithighlights how commerce creates human connection.

Whiskey is a distinct spirit—it is science, chance, time, risk, ingenuity, love, intensity—all in a glass, when it’s done right. And like America itself, whiskey is equally known and appreciated for its diversity and individual expression. The story of whiskey is a story of entrepreneurs, scientists, and bootleggers and the whiskey they produce—a rebel spirit renowned for its individuality and colorful history. I, Whiskey is the story of the human spirit, ingenuity, and the forces that have shaped whiskey and society for ages.

The history of whiskey is also the story of freedom—the freedom to connect and create. From the farmers and distillers to the restaurant owners, consumers, and beyond, whiskey shows us how people create value for each other.

I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit celebrates human creativity and craft. Cheers to the makers!

Produced by the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Passing Lane Films, I, Whiskeyfeatures interviews and footage from Catoctin Creek Distillery, Copper Fox Distillery, and Jack Rose Dining Saloon.

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