“Green” thuggery/hypocrisy rears its head

Vermont Digger reports today that opponents of a bill (S.30), which would put industrial sized wind developments under the authority of Act 250, say this would, “…hang a sign on the door of Vermont saying, ‘no renewable energy jobs or projects welcome here.’”

So, can we infer from this that Vermont does not want jobs in any other sector regulated by Act 250? (Current employment data might agree with that assessment.) If so, perhaps an amendment can be offered somewhere that would exempt from Act 250 ANY endeavor in any field in which Vermont would, in fact, like to see more jobs.

The article also highlights the sheer thuggery involved behind the scenes in this whole supposed “green” movement in Vermont. Jeffery Wolfe founder of groSolar (the ethically questionable spawn of VPIRG), threatened in a letter Senate President Pro Tem, John Campbell (D-Windsor) for supporting S.30, “…if you support this bill… I will help recruit and support opposition to you in the next election, and will put my money where my mouth is.” Of course, a lot of that money comes via the taxpayers and ratepayers, whom Wolfe wants to continue to be able to fleece.

This really shows how the whole “green” push by this legislature is a farce. It is merely a pretense for robbing Vermonters to line the pockets of politically connected cronies who, given a free market, wouldn’t otherwise have a viable product to sell to willing consumers.

NOTE: It’s worth mentioning that the title of this Digger article is “Business blowback over proposed wind and energy bill,” as if the bill is the problem. Could you imagine the headline if a Vermont Yankee or IBM executive similarly threatened a House or Senate leader over a piece of legislation? 


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