Climate Science Red Team

by John McClaughry

Some years ago a national administration – possibly Reagan’s — created an independent Red Team to attack the orthodox national security policy prescriptions of its own officials. This excellent idea gave top policymakers the chance to listen to a heated debate among experts.

Last week a distinguished physicist, and former Obama undersecretary of energy for science, Dr. Steven Koonin, recommended just such a Red Team to sharpen the debate over climate change.

Writes Koonin: “The public is largely unaware of the intense debates within climate science. At a recent national laboratory meeting, I observed more than 100 active government and university researchers challenge one another as they strove to separate human impacts from the climate’s natural variability. At issue were not nuances but fundamental aspects of our understanding, such as the apparent—and unexpected—slowing of global sea-level rise over the past two decades.”

“We scientists must better portray not only our certainties but also our uncertainties, and even things we may never know. Not doing so is an advisory malpractice that usurps society’s right to make choices fully informed by risk, economics and values. Moving from oracular consensus statements to an open adversarial process would shine much-needed light on the scientific debates.”

“Congress or the executive branch should convene a climate science Red/Blue exercise as a step toward resolving, or at least illuminating, differing perceptions of climate science.”

It’s too bad the climate warriors will absolutely reject Dr. Koonin’s valuable recommendation. They don’t dare risk anything that would undercut their propaganda campaign to impose on us their green theology, and its foolish and expensive policy prescriptions.

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute.

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j paul Giuliani April 28, 2017 at 11:48 pm

But, Bill McKibbon will be out of a job if a rational dialogue is initiated.


David Usher April 29, 2017 at 6:06 pm

A great idea!

I propose these basic questions for starters: what is the optimum average world temperature we intend/desire to reach; what will it cost to do so; how many years will be required?

If the “science is settled,” the answers to these questions should be available. Otherwise, we are being persuaded to act with no goal or defined outcome.


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