A Letter Regarding Covid-19

Rob Roper

Hi All,

We sincerely hope all of our followers are weathering the Corona virus outbreak and all that this entails with good health, both physical and mental.

As you probably figured, our Jefferson Day Dinner event scheduled for April 21 has been cancelled. We hope and expect to reschedule this annual event as soon as the situation allows us to plan effectively. In the meantime, those who purchased tickets will receive a refund.

Although current events will certainly invite some interesting policy discussions as we move forward, now is time to focus other things – family, neighbors, community and getting through this. As such, we have decided to take somewhat of a break from our regular postings on social media and Friday email updates, sharing timely or particularly interesting items on an ad hoc basis. I think we all could use a bit of a mental vacation, and the last thing we want to do is add to anyone’s stress.

We will continue with our monthly e-newsletter, and Common Sense Radio with Bill Sayre continues on, full force, on WDEV 11-noon weekdays to get your fix of good, solid free-market thinking and analysis!

Let’s all pitch in with hopes, prayers, and a healthy dollop of hand-sanitizer that this passes quickly and with minimal damage. Let’s all do what we can to help our local businesses get through this storm and to the other side with a chance to come roaring back, putting people back to work. Above all, let’s be kind, respectful, caring, and keep our good humor.

The driving forces behind capitalism are creativity, energy, understanding and cooperation. Let’s put them to good use!

Rob Roper


Ethan Allen Institute

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Ann C. Kehoe March 24, 2020 at 1:53 am

You write a bracing note! I saw an interesting interview on Fox Bus. this morning, on Maria Bartiromo’s show, where the guest, Bill Someone, was urging that the nation self-quarantine (everyone possible) for 1 month, to be rid of the China Virus. He made a lot of sense. Maybe you can catch the show (not the virus!) on YouTube or Fox Bus. archives. Also, I wonder if stores and employers offered some sort of de-virus entry/exit area where people could “bathe” in “far-UV” light for some set time, if that would allow more people to get out to work and shop. Far-UV seems to be an answer. I’m no scientist, but maybe you have more expertise in this area, than I.


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