8-22-14 – Gun ‘Study’ Is All Apples And AKs

This post originally appeared in the Vermont Standard.

by Dick Tracy

A“study” by the Violence Policy Center was forwarded to me which was entitled “Gun Deaths Outpace Motor Vehicle Deaths in Vermont in 2011.” According to the report, “Gun deaths include gun suicides, homicides, and fatal unintentional shootings; motor vehicle deaths include both occupants and pedestrians.” VPC concludes, therefore, that “To reduce gun death and injury, firearms should be subject to federal health and safety standards just like all other consumer products.” Big surprise. Some folks aren’t happy unless they can advocate for government expansion. Liberty be damned.

VPC compares apples and oranges. The report is a manipulation of data which allows them to make the alarmist claim that gun deaths “outpace” auto fatalities.

Apples and apples would be a comparison of accidental gun deaths (which are relatively rare) with auto accident deaths (which are all too common). Of course, such a comparison would not help the gun control lobby to further its agenda.

They could compare suicide by automobile with suicide by gun. But they probably can’t prove which auto fatalities were suicidal, and that also would not help them further their agenda.

The inclusion of firearm suicides is convenient for the gun control zealots but is no reason to create a new wave of regulation directed at law abiding gun owners. People intent upon ending their own lives will find a way to do so. There have always been emotionally disturbed individuals who found a way to self-terminate and there always will be. I prefer to skip over the gory details regarding those methods but suffice to say there are no restrictions to access of implements such as sharp objects, belts, ropes, etc. Prescription drugs are often the choice of those bent upon selfdestruction, but such regulation does not prevent their misuse.

Consider the size of the sampling. Vermont had 78 “gun deaths” and 62 “automobile deaths”. In a state with over 600,000 people, these numbers are statistically insignificant. Which is not intended to imply that the individuals who died were insignificant. But 78 people out of 600,000 is an infinitesimal percentage of 0.000013. Yet the “study” trots out these numbers as if they are compelling evidence for sweeping change. Poppycock.

The Gun Control movement will deny such reasonable challenges to this latest “analysis.” That movement is determined to change the world according to its own over-inflated sense of morality. The rest of us are evidently too stupid to be trusted with our own firearms. * Lost in the discussion, as ever, is the fact that guns are first and foremost a means of self-defense. A convenience store clerk with a gun stopped a robbery in Rutland several weeks ago. Although they don’t make the front page or the 7 o’clock news, home invasions are frequently halted because the homeowners were armed.

A gun is the great equalizer. For many men and women, particularly the elderly, just the ability to show a firearm is enough to make most bad guys turn away and seek easier prey. * Then there’s the ever present nonsense of a “gun free zone.” To announce with signage that everyone is a particular location is unarmed is politically correct folly. Has there ever been a perpetrator bent upon evildoing who saw one of those signs and turned away?

John Lott, who has spent much of his adult life studying guns in our society, has observed that with one notable exception (Gabby Giffords) every shooting since 1950 in which 3 or more people died occurred in a “gun free” zone. Makes you want to run right out and post that sign on your front lawn, doesn’t it? * Rioting, looting, and lawlessness have followed a shooting death by police in Ferguson, Missouri. According to reports, many businesses in that town have been crippled, damaged or destroyed. Two notable exceptions, Riverfront Tattoo and Mally’s Supermarket, each have had a strong, very obvious presence of men armed with guns, ready to defend private property from thieves and looters. The mob passed them by in search of easier victims. Businesses such as Wal-Mart were defenseless and suffered severe losses. There’s a lesson in there for those who are willing to see it.

–  Dick Tracy, of Sharon, was raised in Woodstock and attended Woodstock schools. Contact Dick at gmboy51@gmail.com.

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paul hudson August 23, 2014 at 12:47 am

The Second Amendment is short. Read it. Then read it again. No interpretation needed; it means what it says,


Robert August 23, 2014 at 1:44 am

Are there are any more intellectually bereft than those who believe curtailing the gun rights of law-abiding citizens will make us safer?


Peg August 28, 2014 at 6:05 pm

The Second Amendment is respected in our house, but our neighbors think the ownership of guns should be outlawed and that the Constitution is outdated. So my reply to them would be: When someone breaks into your home or threatens you with violence. . . . . .I promise I won’t use my guns to stop them.


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