7-29-14 – Typos, Speakos and $400K

Posted by Rob Roper

The Shumlin Administration recently signed a contract with MIT professor and single payer crusader Jonathan Gruber, agreeing to pay him $400,000 to vet single payer funding plans (assuming the administration ever comes up with one).

Gruber is currently making headlines for committing what he called a “speak-o” regarding federal health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act – a gaff potentially big enough to sink Obamacare. Back in January 2012, Gruber said in a videotaped interview that language in the ACA stating that healthcare subsides can only be awarded through state and not federal exchanges was put there on purpose to “squeeze” states into setting up their own exchanges.

It turns out that a majority of states weren’t coerced, and opted to let the federal government set up healthcare exchanges for them. If now, according to the letter of the law, nobody in those 36 states can receive a subsidy for health insurance purchased under the Affordable Care Act… well, let’s just say that lots of voters will be angry with the politicians who passed this monumentally screwed-up piece of legislation. So, lawyers for the Obama Administration are arguing that that language was a “typo,” and not the intent of the legislation. Gurber’s video testimony doesn’t help them at all.

Now Gruber is trying to rewrite history, saying he had no recollection of uttering or even thinking what he said on the video tape, nor does he have any idea why he would ever have said it. Unfortunately for him in the midst of his “aliens took over my body” defense, a second video popped up of him speaking at the National Press Club in September 2012 making essentially the same argument that he had nearly a year earlier.

Clearly, this guy is full of it. Yet, knowing this, we’re giving him $400,000 of our tax dollars to honestly (key word here) evaluate the impact of a single payer system on our lives and livelihoods? Doesn’t this seem like kind of a foolish choice?

Though, perhaps this is exactly why Peter Shumlin finds Gruber perfect for the job – to proofread a plan that doesn’t exist, on a legal deadline that has twice been treated as a “typo” by its own authors, and to spew the day’s expedient line of political propaganda regardless of clear or even irrefutable reality — On video tape! Twice!  Here’s our man!

Jonathan Gruber is a single payer healthcare acolyte. He will say whatever it is he thinks will move the agenda forward whether it is the truth or not; whether he believes it or not. He’s proven that with absurd “speak-o” defense of the indefensible. Vermonters deserve an honest and impartial vetting of any single payer funding plan the Administration puts forward. Jonathan Gruber isn’t going to give it to us. We shouldn’t give him $400,000.

– Rob Roper is president of the Ethan Allen Institute 

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David Bresett September 16, 2014 at 3:03 pm

It’s good they hired a thinker to help. You at EAI will do anything it can to spread your hate and propaganda. Goebbells would be a main part of your organization if he was alive. There’s no doubt EAI would welcome the propaganda genius with open arms. Keep spreading your hate.


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