3-24-16 – Carbon tax hearings happening today!

by John McClaughry

The House Natural Resources and Energy Committee is holding hearings on the need to impose a carbon tax on gasoline, diesel, natural gas, heating oil and propane, in a last desperate effort to stop climate change, whatever that is.

EAI President Rob Roper drew up some questions to put to the advocates of this $500 million new tax. Here are some samplers:

What impact will the reduction of carbon emissions in Vermont, assuming we reach all the goals in the comprehensive plan, have on global climate trends?  (Honest answer: none).

Is a Carbon Tax a necessary part of the administration’s Comprehensive Energy Plan?

The “Vermont Brand” of a rural lifestyle in a pristine landscape is the most valuable economic asset we have going for us. To what extent will industrializing our ridgelines with wind towers and our pasture lands with solar facilities damage that brand?

Here’s a couple from me:

Will you put into your carbon tax bill a statement that the General Assembly endorses Gov. Shumlin’s decree that Vermont must have 90% renewable energy by 2050, so that all legislators can go on record for or against it?

Are you aware that the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions from Vermonters – about 8 million tonnes a year – is equal to the carbon dioxide emissions from one eleven hundred megawatt coal plant now under construction in China?

Let’s hope that somebody on the committee is willing to ask such questions.

– John McClaughry is the founder and vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute

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Paul Kenyon March 26, 2016 at 1:40 am

Addison County senator Christopher Bray, chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee tells us (Addison Independent, March 17th 2016) that we are changing our economy from running on fossil fuels to one powered by “clean renewable energy. How clean are technologies that plunge fields into darkness beneath solar arrays with un-acknowledged consequences and ridge lines festooned with habitat destroying and bird and bat killing turbines and their 4 season roads built into what beforehand was wilderness? He tells us that “Our move to renewables has helped drive Vermont electric rates down.” How does installing intermittent and variable and expensive energy technologies move rates down and make our energy more reliable? He tells us, also, that, “Every renewable project built reduces destructive emissions within the New England electrical system of which we are a part.” How much emissions are reduced at what cost and compared to what percentage of that “clean, renewable” energy? And just how destructive are those emissions? CO2, after all, feeds plants and the Earth has already seen significant (10% to 15%) increase in greening, seen by satellite first in marginal areas like the Sahel, but everywhere, increasing crop yields and making plants more resilient.


Jim Bulmer March 26, 2016 at 12:54 pm

This whole carbon tax debate is a waste of time. Makes no difference as to whether it’s a good or bad idea. If the super majority has got this bug, it’s a done deal. Facts and the peoples’ desires be damned. Once again, I beat on a dead horse, NOTHING will change unless or until these idiots are voted out of office!!!!!


Jim Bulmer March 26, 2016 at 8:05 pm

90% by 2050????? On what bases of vast scientific research does the Gov. foist this unachievable edict on Vermonters????? Did he wake up one night with a vision???? Or did he read some tea leaves somewhere???? Just because Shumlin sets an arbitrary number to be met years after he is gone is no reason for all to fall down in a swoon. Simply tell the Gov. thanks but NO THANKS!!!!!


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