12-1-14 – The Public Speaks on Vermont Health Connect

Posted by John McClaughry

WCAX’s Logan Crawford asked the station’s  followers on Facebook a question about their experiences with Vermont Health Connect, which came back from the dead on November 15. Crawford received fifty comments, not one of which was positive.

Here are four random examples:

“The premium will cost me more than a luxury car payment with a ridiculous deductible amount. Explain to me how this is affordable health insurance.”

“Having to spend over $20 thousand a year before the plan may or may not kick in at 50% is not my idea of a good investment. That’s for the bottom of the barrel plan. VT Health Disconnect is absurd for my demographic.”

“Why should ANY working American have to receive a subsidy to buy a product that is forced on them? This whole thing is nothing more than a scam. …My policy would cost me 40% of my take home pay, give me a deductible I couldn’t afford because of the monthly premium, and only cover 50% of a claim.  I would no longer afford my home or car, or heat. Tell me who, what class of people, finds any of this affordable??? Enough already.”

Finally: “Welcome to Socialism where hard working people are penalized and there rights stripped away in order to add more freeloaders to the system ! It’s the MIT Gruber Plan !!”

These responses, and 45 more like them, ought to give you a good idea of ObamaCare’s popularity.

– John McClaughry is founder and vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute.


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