11-24-14 – Gruber’s Contract Not Really Cancelled

Posted by Shayne Spence

Despite the assurance that the now-infamous Jonathan Gruber would no longer be receiving money from his contract with the state of Vermont, it appears that this claim was simply more smoke and mirrors from the Shumlin Administration.  According to Breitbart News:

Lawrence Miller, Vermont’s health care reform chief, says the state of Vermont is going to cut Jonathan Gruber’s pay, but keep his $450,000 contract, according to the Burlington Free Press. Miller said that he had informed Gruber over the phone about the changed terms of the contract, and that Gruber had agreed to those terms.

Under Vermont law however, and under the terms of the personal services contract #27277 between Vermont’s Agency of Administration and Jonathan Gruber, signed by Gruber and Secretary of Administration Jeb Spaulding on July 16, 2014, the contract cannot be amended unless the amendment has been signed by both parties and subsequently approved by Vermont’s Attorney General and Secretary of Administration.

Breitbart’s Michael Patrick Leahy goes on to write, “Breitbart News contacted Mr. Miller’s office, the Vermont Attorney General’s office, the Secretary of Administration’s office, and Jonathan Gruber asking to see a signed copy of the amendment to the contract, approved by all parties. None of these parties have responded nor have any of these parties produced the approved amendment to the contract.”

Despite Mr. Miller’s continued claims that “we will not be paying him any further”, it would appear that there has been no change in Dr. Gruber’s contractual status with the state, and his previously agreed-upon compensation remains intact.  Even if it is only his team of graduate students running the economic models, he is still contractually guaranteed pay of $400,000 taxpayer dollars.  And the idea that his team will be able to run these models, which Gruber created, independent of the ghost of their professor’s reprehensible views, is laughable at best.  Even without Gruber at the helm, one has to question whether his opinions about the stupidity of the voter have rubbed off on his acolytes.

Many writers have already pointed out that Gruber has already received $160,000 for his work to date, and it would appear he still stands to receive even more.  But not many have noted that his team of programmers has invoiced for the same amount, at a rate of $100/hour.  So even though Gruber’s contract was for $400,000, the amount Vermonters are really going to end up paying could be as high as double that.

Gruber’s utopia of an opaque government, keeping important information from the voters and in some cases attempting to mislead them to achieve a political end, seems to be coming to fruition here in Vermont.  It is high time for the Governor to send this elitist back home to Massachusetts, and demand that he return the money he has taken from honest taxpayers.

Hat tip to Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart News for breaking this story.


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